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Business Intelligence

Healthcare Providers

The healthcare industry faces huge challenges and competing priorities as it tries to improve quality, increase access and reduce costs. These critical initiatives are being attempted while the industry adds complex and expensive technologies, such as EHRs, and shifts its revenue and reimbursement models. Data and analytics are the key to surviving—and thriving—in this period of transformation. But where do you start? How can your data become an asset? Let us help by assessing your organizational readiness and helping to develop a data/analytics roadmap. READ ON»

Data Integration

Life Sciences/ BioPharma

Messy data, regulatory concerns, diverse user populations, stagnant technology and slow adoption of industry standards: we know the pains of the Life Sciences industry. We help with knowledge management such as repositories, SAS analytics, data mining and data warehousing by employing the methodologies, reusable interfaces and smart monitoring that will help you operate efficiently and effectively. READ ON»


Health Plans

The Health Insurance industry on the whole is fairly analytics savvy, as health plans have incurred most of the financial risk and certainly need to analyze data to understand the implications and write policies. But the Affordable Care Act/Healthcare Reform have added new pressures on health plans to engage with members more effectively, as well as manage medical loss ratio efficiently. We can help organizations assess their greatest business drivers and optimize their analytics capabilities to combat the challenges before them. READ ON»

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What we do:

Advisory Services

Advisory Services

ThotWave offers strategic advisory services to healthcare and life sciences organizations that are interested in starting on the journey to becoming data-driven organizations with analytics capabilities or perhaps modernizing and optimizing their capabilities.
Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

ThotWave offers a wide-range of technology consulting options for healthcare or life sciences organizations—from Outsourced Analytics Services to Tool and Vendor Selection.


ThotWave is committed to educating leaders about the value of analytics—whether that means bringing clarity around the actual term or helping an organization become a Center of Excellence. We conduct onsite workshops or retreats and are always eager to present at conferences or events.