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Business Intelligence

SAS® Administration

Since its debut in 2004, SAS®9 has raised the importance of a well-designed SAS environment and the role of information technology for successful SAS environments. From design and installation to management and monitoring, the role of the SAS administrator has risen to a state of prominence in most SAS shops. READ ON»

Data Integration

Best Practices for Managing and Monitoring SAS® Data Management Solutions

SAS® and DataFlux® technologies combine to create a powerful platform for data warehousing and master data management. Whether you are a professional SAS administrator who is responsible for the care and feeding of your SAS architecture, or you find yourself playing that role on nights and weekends, this paper is a primer on SAS Data Management solutions from the perspective of the administrator. READ ON»


Serving SAS®

SAS® has been running on servers since the late 1960s. Despite the emergence of PCs and workstation-class machines, SAS still reigns supreme on the server. With the introduction of the SAS platform, the number and types of servers have grown exponentially. READ ON»

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