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It can be daunting trying to find answers to high level or detailed questions on business intelligence, data integration, and analytics. Even when you think you’ve found the answer, it carries the risk of being outdated, not applicable, or just plain wrong.

ThotWave was created to bring you solutions based on your unique business goals and vision. So go ahead and ask…

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What We Do

Advisory ServicesAdvisory Services

ThotWave offers strategic advisory services to healthcare and life sciences organizations interested in starting the journey to becoming data-driven organizations with analytics capabilities or perhaps modernizing and optimizing their capabilities.

Technology ConsultingTechnology Consulting

ThotWave offers a wide-range of technology consulting options for healthcare or life sciences organizations—from Outsourced Analytics Services to Tool and Vendor Selection.

ThotWave is committed to educating leaders about the value of analytics—whether that is bringing clarity around the actual term or helping an organization become a Center of Excellence. We conduct onsite workshops or retreats and are always eager to present at conferences or events.