About Us

About Us


Named after Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom, ThotWave is a privately held corporation with a rich history of software excellence and integrity, providing thought leadership in the business intelligence community. Launched in November 2002, ThotWave provides consulting services to help your organization get more value out of information.

We do that by turning ordinary data into thinking data® — data that is more coherent, more accessible, more usable, and more predictive.

Our Mission

ThotWave serves customers as their trusted advisor for improving and accelerating analytics capabilities.  We guide health and life science organizations to cultivate the people, processes, and methodologies to support healthy populations.

Our portfolio of services are designed to assist health and life science organizations in understanding informatics maturity, analytics competencies, and competitive positioning relative to leaders in those industries. Using the ThotWave Analytics Maturity Assessment, our framework acts as our ‘true north’ to assess client current state as well as plan a roadmap of where to go next. Our model ensures that analytics effort truly supports the journey to become a Learning Health Organization.

Our Process

We use cutting-edge technology to help build processes for accessing data and making sure that it’s clean, it’s usable, and that it’s the right data. The first thing we do is listen to how you manage, analyze, and report your information. Only then do we find the solution that’s right for you, and we back up our recommendations with the latest best practices of the field. We believe that data should support the decision process and that technology is only a part of that picture. We work with you to reveal the relevant data that tells a compelling story — and helps you arrive at the best business decisions.

Our Philosophy

Our software and services save you money, streamline business and operational processes, help you comply with government regulations, and improve the overall quality of decisions throughout your company.  We work with your criteria for success and satisfaction to ensure an outcome that is measurable by your standards. Our conviction is that a great business intelligence solution is inspired by the client’s own vision.  Our vision is to give life to yours and ensure that the solution is practical, robust, state-of-the-art, and scalable.

Our Culture

Thinking. No we’re not joking. Like our thinking data® we put a premium on the entire range of human thinking…identifying problems, generating ideas, initiating, proposing, creating, resolving, scenario planning, coordinating-you get the idea. This range of thinking is expected of all employees, regardless of position.

Respect. Honoring everyone is an absolute. We’re only human, so we disagree sometimes. Yet everyone treats each other with dignity. Everyone’s job is important.

Honesty: Integrity in what we do and how we do it. This goes for clients and coworkers. No violations allowed.

Listening: Full understanding is impossible without a closed mouth, open ears and genuine interest.

Accountability: We take responsibility for our work, our commitments, deadlines, mistakes, and victories. We also confront problems before they interfere with client commitments.

Performance: Effort, ambition, and drive are great ingredients but results are what we measure and what is most rewarded.