Healthcare Analytics: Everyone Has a Role

You don’t need a degree in advanced mathematics, statistics or computer science to have a passion for the art and science of data analysis. Providers, researchers, IT workers, informaticists, and even patients can have a role in meaningfully impacting the well being of populations using analytics. Let us help you get started.

What We Do

What Makes Us Unique?

Data can be overwhelming—until you meet ThotWave. We provide services to make sense of your data and teach your teams to do the same. To us real change goes beyond tools and technology and necessarily involves improving both people (through education, mentoring) and processes.

Adaptive Content

Learning paths adapted to the needs of your company and designed for individual growth.

Competency-based Curriculum

Experienced faculty and mentors help build analytical competencies that matter in healthcare.

Who We Serve

We believe that data and analytic literacy should be a core competency for everyone in healthcare. This starts with a holistic view of the pressing issues facing healthcare today and how that translates into the data we collect, analyze and interpret. We focus on developing the data champion through mindset, skill set and toolset mastery.

Clinicians & Medical Educators

Helping to train the next generation of medical and allied health workers around data literacy, problem design, systems thinking and evidence-based decision-making – understanding the power of actionable intelligence.

Healthcare Leaders

Helping organizations deliver value through the alignment of analytics strategy and organizational design. Engaging leaders with analytic acumen and the design of accessible analytic platforms.

Course Catalog

We recognize that there are so many options for people to “take classes” but that coursework is only part of the equation for developing competencies that are needed in healthcare. Our philosophy begins with ensuring that people have the right frame for learning, then develop the appropriate skills and finally apply those skills in the context of tools and technologies. Our Learning Paths help guide you on your way through your own analytics journey.

Individual Courses

We have courses that range from creating the mindset to developing the skills needed to be successful to the tools, technologies and roles that fuel health analytics. Our courses focus on building specific competencies used in the real world of healthcare.

Custom Curriculum

Adapt our catalog of courses to design a learning program for yourself, your team or your entire organization. This can include combing coursework with mentoring & coaching, hands on workshops and the development of individualized performance plans to direct learning.

Example Learning Path

We focus our learning paths on the journey that will best suit the intended audience. Whether you are new to healthcare or an experience healthcare professional, our bundles provide a fast track for learning the core issues in the healthcare and data landscape that will shape your ability to provide data-driven insights.

30-Day Prescriptions (Micro-Learning)

Compact, bite-sized lessons (read-view-do) of short, engaging content that focuses on application of analytics in healthcare. These short, daily lessons help to build momentum towards a learning goal and help ward off procrastination. While we are tool agnostic, we do use common tools as appropriate to anchor the learning.

Instructor-Based Workshops

Experiential learning that happens either at your organization or in an off-site location. Workshops provide an opportunity to learn through small-group interactions and hands-on practice. Teaching people where they work helps translate learning into application.


Get exposed to new content without leaving the comfort of your office. Participate in interactive discussions with other health and analytics leaders across the country. Topics range from nurturing analytic talent to designing an Analytic Center of Excellence.


We envision a world where analytics transforms and improves healthcare. Through our knowledge of the industry and our experience with analytics, we can solve the most challenging problems of healthcare. Our mission is to create data champions and celebrate their role in improving healthcare.