FUTS - Framework for Unit Testing SAS

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What is FUTS?

FUTS is a Framework for Unit Testing SAS® programs. Inspired by testing frameworks such as JUnit and NUnit, FUTS allows SAS programmers to write repeatable test code to test their own work. The core of FUTS is a SAS macro library of assert functions. The assertions allow developers to create tests that compare macro symbols, data sets, and files produced by their SAS code. FUTS also comes with a perl script for batch execution of test suites, automating the process of running tests and reporting results.

FUTS enables SAS programmers to adopt agile methods associated with Test-Driven Development, or Test-First Design. FUTS is also suitable for automating regression tests in any software development lifecycle.

The FUTS assertion library is compatible with the assertion library used by the thinking data® Event System, which manages events detected by assertions in production code, and provides other features for augmenting the manageability of mission-critical SAS applications.

FUTS is available now for free download (registration required) under the Eclipse Public License. The distribution includes the assertion library, batch test driver script, and a sample SAS reporting application with FUTS unit tests.

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