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Best Practices for Managing and Monitoring SAS® Data Management Solutions

SAS® and DataFlux® technologies combine to create a powerful platform for data warehousing and master data management. Whether you are a professional SAS administrator who is responsible for the care and feeding of your SAS architecture, or you find yourself playing that role on nights and weekends, this paper is a primer on SAS Data Management solutions from the perspective of the administrator.

Serving SAS®: A Visual Guide to SAS® Servers

How SAS Works: SAS® has been running on servers since the late 1960s. Despite the emergence of PCs and workstation-class machines, SAS still reigns supreme on the server. With the introduction of the SAS platform, the number and types of servers have grown exponentially. As any good student of the DATA step will attest, knowing what SAS is doing is a critically important step in debugging and authoring efficient programs. In this presentation, we provide a visual tour of SAS. We cover what SAS is doing, how it works, which server is doing what, when the operating system plays a role, how security functions, and what happens to your data through this entire process.

SAS® Global Users Group Data Warehouse: A Look Behind the Scenes

Wouldn’t it be nice to see how someone built an entire end-to-end system (from data acquisition to data cleansing to a fully integrated data warehouse) using SAS? This presentation shares some of the experience of designing and implementing a data warehouse.