What We Do

Through experience, proven methodology, and industry expertise, ThotWave bridges the gap between business and technology. We deliver strategic, long-term solutions in data acquisition, integration, management and exploitation, through the practical application of technology. We focus on delivering results - helping prove the value and ensuring long-term relationships. At ThotWave, we work at the juncture of business and technology, with both for-profit and not-for-profit enterprises in a variety of industries:

Life Sciences / BioPharma

Messy data, regulatory concerns, diverse user populations, stagnant technology, and slow adoption of industry standards: we know the pains of the Life Sciences industry. We help with knowledge management such as repositories, SAS analytics, data mining, and data warehousing, employing the methodologies, reusable interfaces, and smart monitoring that will get you running efficiently.


The effective integration of human skill, technology, and processes that meet regulatory, financial, and public needs require a plethora of data and information solutions. We help turn your data assets into usable, profitable information that you can deliver directly into the hands of decision makers.

Government, Education, and Non-Profit Research

ThotWave recognizes that in the government, education, and non-profit research communities, you measure progress made toward greater understanding, not dollars and cents. It’s an environment that is often more collaborative and innovative, and less burdened by the constraints of commercialization. And we know how to tailor our experience with information systems to your needs, whether it means advising multiple entities to pool resources on a project, or repurposing software to solve the different kind of problems you face.


The Insurance industry's competitive landscape has been entirely repainted within the last several years, with sectors such as life and health, property and casualty (P/C), reinsurance, and brokers going through major transitions right now. As the regulations change and customer demands increase, operational efficiency is no longer a source of competitive advantage -- it is a given to survive. We work with you to harness technology and stay on top of the metrics and data that matter most.

Financial Services

With a legacy of sophisticated analytics and financial instruments, this industry is still burdened with data integration issues. From credit risk to fraud detection to risk management, our work in Financial Services primarily focuses on bringing together the right data in time for the right people to make profitable decisions.


Data in Energy is filled with interesting nuances. Millions of transactions, pricing methods, market states, and the non-additive nature of calculations like Value at Risk make for interesting challenges in data transformation, storage, and reporting that we love to tackle -- and have the experience to do so.